"Playboy Bunny Collage" LED Neon Playboy Edition


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Size: 78cm x 51cm x 2cm


Immerse yourself in a world where boundaries are overcome and a neon-colored playground universe is created. The " Playboy Bunny Collage " Neon Wall Art symbolizes the limitless union of different cultures that shine in a harmonious glow of neon lights.

  • Global Unity: The travel sticker design is a reminder of how different cultures unite under the light of the Playboy Bunny symbol.
  • Stunning Neon: The red LED neon expertly outlines the iconic Playboy Bunny, creating a nostalgic neon glow that illuminates your interior.
  • Clear Acrylic Presentation: The design is beautifully printed on a clear acrylic backing and is ready to hang.
  • Dimmable light: With the included dimmer switch you can adjust the light intensity as desired.
  • Simple & Safe: Neon Wall Art is resistant to breakage, unlike traditional glass neon, and does not heat up - safe for any home.
  • Durability & Quality: This piece of art is designed to last and will provide you with years of enjoyment.

Easy construction

1. Attach power strips

2. Attach neon sign

3. Turn on & enjoy

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