"Disco Girl Cover" LED Neon Playboy Edition


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Size: 90cm x 70cm x 4cm


LED Neon Wall Art "Disco Girl Cover" from the exclusive Playboy Edition: A tribute to the disco era

The April 1980 issue of Playboy celebrated the "Playboy's Music Jamboree." The focus is on model Shari Shattuck, dressed in a typical 80s pop-disco outfit, holding a custom-made Playboy bunny microphone. Our signature pink LED neon has been embedded into the canvas print to elegantly outline and accentuate the composition of the artwork.

This artwork is mounted on a wooden frame and ready to hang.

  • Available with pink LED neon that captures the atmosphere of the disco era.
  • Adjustable Light: Dimmer switch included to create the perfect mood.
  • Easy to assemble: Ready to hang with attached hooks.
  • Durable and safe: low wattage ensures it doesn't get hot.
  • Cost-effective to operate: 12W. Power supply plug included for immediate enjoyment.
  • Long service life: promises years of joy and inspiration.
  • 2 year guarantee for your satisfaction and safety.

The LED Neon Wall Art "Disco Girl Cover" is not only a tribute to the vibrant music and disco culture of the 80s, but also an eye-catching statement piece that will liven up any room with a touch of nostalgia and contemporary artistry. Ideal for collectors, art and music lovers, or as a unique gift, this piece brings an unparalleled blend of history, culture and luminous beauty to your home.

Easy construction

1. Attach power strips

2. Attach neon sign

3. Turn on & enjoy

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