"Pillow Talk" neon sign lettering LED light


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"Pillow Talk" Multi Color Neon Lettering - Whispering elegance for a contemporary ambience

With the "Pillow Talk" Multi Color Neon lettering from TOM NEON you can create an atmosphere of intimate whispers and nightly conversations directly in your living space. The expressive lettering in different colors is not only a visual pleasure, but also a homage to private moments.

Conversations that shine in color
The "Pillow Talk" neon lettering combines artistic aesthetics with high-quality contour font, creating a work of art that is both sensual and modern. The diverse colors reflect the depth and diversity of nightly conversations.

High-quality craftsmanship meets bright colors
Like all TOM NEON products, “Pillow Talk” impresses with its outstanding quality and longevity. The combination of brilliant neon colors and exquisite contour font creates a bright highlight in any room.

The perfect statement for modern interiors
If you are looking for a piece that is both artistic and meaningful, "Pillow Talk" is the perfect choice. Be enchanted by its luminous beauty and add a special touch to your room.

Included in your order:

  • "Pillow Talk" Multi Color Neon Lettering, ready to use
  • Discreet, transparent power cable for an optimal look
  • Pre-cut holes for easy wall mounting
  • Flexibility of installation even without drilling thanks to our adhesive solutions
  • Dimmer and remote control for individual lighting control
  • Securely packaged and delivered straight to your door
  • Safe & fast EU shipping

Easy construction

1. Attach power strips

2. Attach neon sign

3. Switch on & enjoy

scope of delivery

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Low consumption, high luminosity

Our LED neon lights are both energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They also have a service life of up to 100,000 hours.

Installation - TOM NEON
Easy handling

With our plug & play system and fastening sets, assembly and installation is child's play!

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Multifunctional remote control

Our multifunctional remote control takes the neon experience to a new level! Switching, dimming or effect functions – with just one click you can design every moment according to your wishes.

Customize - TOM NEON
Design Service

Take advantage of our free design service and make your vision come true. Your ideas, our know-how – for the perfect neon experience.

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Free EU shipping

Take advantage of our free EU shipping now and have your wishes delivered directly to your doorstep - without additional shipping costs!

Garantie - TOM NEON
2 year guarantee

All of our lights come with a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

Questions or individual requests?

Easily upload your desired design or simply contact our customer support at:

Hotline: +49 69 2475 2931 0

Email: office@tomneon.com