"Open / Closed" Large Glass Neon Box


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Size: 35cm x 35cm x 11cm


Large Neon Box "Open / Closed": The bright statement for your home

Make a clear statement with our Large Neon Box "Open / Closed". This versatile neon combines two bright messages in one: with the energy of green for "Open" and the intense red for "Closed". Thanks to two separate switches, you can easily switch between both messages - so you always have the perfect lighting for every mood and every occasion.

Nestled in a high-gloss acrylic box, the Neon Box creates a lively and cool retro-style ambience. The integrated mirror back wall enhances the neon glow and creates an impressive depth in the room.

What's special: Each of these neon signs is carefully made by hand. This means that each piece is unique, characterized by masterful craftsmanship. Despite its vibrant appearance, this neon sign is surprisingly energy efficient and costs no more than a normal household lamp. A bright highlight that will brighten up your home for years to come.

  • Double light effect : Easily switch between "Open" and "Closed".
  • Retro charm : Green and red neon for an authentic vintage feel.
  • Mirror effect : A mirror back wall that multiplies the neon light.
  • Unique Craftsmanship : Each sign is a handcrafted masterpiece.
  • Energy saving : Expressive lighting with a consumption of only 12 – 24W.

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