"Lounge" Glass Neon Box


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Size: 38cm x 19cm x 11cm
Color: Orange


Create a relaxing atmosphere in your home with our Neon Box " Lounge ". This statement piece combines casual elegance with a playful retro touch, making an unmistakable statement of style awareness and coziness.

  • Warm glow : The bright orange neon light creates a homely yet modern atmosphere that invites you to linger.
  • Style meets functionality : Encased in a shiny acrylic box, the Neon Box “Lounge” is easy to attach and becomes an eye-catcher in any room.
  • Maximized charisma : Thanks to the mirrored background, the neon glow is optimally reflected and thus enhances the lounge effect.
  • Unique item with character : Each Neon Box is made by skilled craftsmen, so each piece has its own individual touch.
  • Environmentally conscious and long-lasting : With an energy consumption of only 12 - 24W, this neon box is as efficient as an ordinary lamp and also offers an impressive lifespan.

Be it as a gift or as a highlight for your own home – the Neon Box “Lounge” transforms any room into a stylish oasis of well-being.

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