"Girls Girls Girls" Glass Neon Box


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Size: 38cm x 19cm x 11cm


Feminine charm with our neon box “Girls Girls Girls” ! This neon box is a tribute to the power and beauty of women and brings a cool, authentic glow to your home. With its retro style, it is not only a highlight in any room, but also the perfect gift for the strong women in your life.

  • Four radiant color options : Available in vibrant red, pink, purple and white, the Neon Box "Girls Girls Girls" offers the right color for every taste.
  • A touch of retro : Inspired by the charm of bygone times, this neon sign exudes a playful retro flair that bathes your home in a special light.
  • Shiny protection : Protected by a shiny acrylic case, the neon sign is not only a real eye-catcher, but also easy to install.
  • Double neon glow : The integrated mirror back wall reflects the neon light and thus maximizes the glow effect.
  • Craftsmanship at its finest : Each Neon Box "Girls Girls Girls" is handmade by artisans, giving each piece its own unique touch.
  • Energy efficiency meets design : With the same power consumption as a conventional lamp, our Neon Box impresses with its energy efficiency and exceptional service life.

Whether for yourself or as a special gift - with the Neon Box "Girls Girls Girls" you make a strong statement!

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