"Craft Beer" Large Glass Neon Box


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Size: 38cm x 24cm x 11cm


Large Neon Box "Craft Beer": A glow for beer lovers!

With our Large Neon Box "Craft Beer" you can bring the warm ambience of a craft beer pub directly into your home. The vibrant orange tone of the neon light reflects the color of a freshly tapped Pilsener and is a real eye-catcher in any room.

Each "Craft Beer" neon box is housed in a shimmering acrylic housing, which not only protects but also allows for easy installation. Thanks to the mirrored background, the neon light is intensely reflected, which further enhances the luminosity of this unique work of art.

Another highlight: Each box is handmade, so each piece has its own individual touch. Despite its impressive appearance, this neon light is just as energy efficient as an ordinary lamp and ensures a long service life.

  • Color intensity : Bright orange inspired by craft beer.
  • Reflective Background : Maximizes the radiance of the neon.
  • Quality workmanship : Each piece handmade and unique.
  • Energy efficient : 12 – 24W consumption, on par with conventional lamps.
  • Longevity : A beer light that never runs out.

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