"Bar" glass stand-neon


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Size: 27cm x 23cm x 9cm


Bring your home bar to life with our neon “ Bar ” sign! As a handcrafted masterpiece made from real glass neon, this stand neon sets accents and becomes the center of every celebration. With its vibrant red and yellow, it gives off just the right retro vibe that will amaze your guests.

  • Authentic Neon : Handmade from real glass neon in the colors red and yellow.
  • Versatile design : Thanks to the easy connection, you can try out different designs and always create new highlights.
  • Unique craftsmanship : Each lamp is a unique piece made by talented craftsmen.
  • Stable concrete base : The lamp stands securely and firmly on a stylish concrete base.
  • Energy efficient : With a consumption of 12 - 24W, it corresponds to a conventional household lamp.
  • Safety first : Despite the intense neon luminosity, the lamp does not get hot.

Whether you want to enhance your own home bar or give a special gift to a dear friend, this neon sign is the perfect choice!

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