Front back neon

Front and back with neon

Discover " Frontback Neon ", the innovative lighting solution that makes your rooms shine from all sides with a spectacular lighting effect. "Frontback Neon" revolutionizes the way neon lighting is used by illuminating both the front and back of the sign. This unique feature ensures that your neon sign always looks impressive regardless of the viewing direction. Perfect for places where your sign can be admired from different angles - Frontback Neon is the ideal choice for an all-round bright display.

Impressive from every angle: “Frontback Neon” guarantees that your sign shines equally impressively from the front and from the back. This duality of design makes it particularly appealing for installations in open spaces, shop windows or places where the sign stands freely in space and is not just attached to the wall.

Versatile: Whether indoors or outdoors, "Frontback Neon" is sturdy enough to withstand the elements. It offers a radiant lighting option that attracts attention while being aesthetically pleasing. This makes it an excellent choice for shops, restaurants, venues and even home use to create an unforgettable impression.

Bespoke material selection: With the option to choose between acrylic, metal or PVC as the backing material, "Frontback Neon" offers flexibility not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of durability and adaptation to different environments. Each material has been carefully selected to maximize the quality and luminosity of the neon light while meeting your specific design requirements.

Ideal for 360° viewing: "Frontback Neon" is ideal for places where the sign needs to be visible from multiple directions. It provides a dynamic and inviting atmosphere, ensuring your message or logo is clear and impactful from any vantage point.

With "Frontback Neon" you choose not just a lighting solution, but a comprehensive design element that transforms the space and creates an impressive visual experience. Contact us today to learn more about “Frontback Neon” and how we can help you bring your vision to life with a stunning neon sign that shines on all sides. Make a bright statement that can't be missed with Frontback Neon.