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Welcome to TOM NEON's blog! We are your experts when it comes to innovative, stylish and high-quality neon signs, neon lights and neon designs. Here you can find out everything about our luminous product worlds, current projects and the latest trends in the neon lighting industry.

Our philosophy

TOM NEON lives and loves the world of neon lighting. Our goal is to bring color, light and joy into your life with our neon signs, neon lights and neon designs. We combine creative design with cutting-edge technology to create stunning visual experiences.

Why neon?

Neon has a unique property that other light sources cannot offer: it combines vibrant colors with a distinctive glow that attracts attention both during the day and at night. Neon signs are more than just a source of information. They are a figurehead, a trademark and, in a sense, a work of art.

Our diverse offering

Whether you are looking for individualized neon signs, artistic neon lights or effective neon designs for your home or business, you are guaranteed to find the product you want at TOM NEON! We offer a wide and versatile range to suit all your lighting needs.

Quality promise

At TOM NEON we set the highest standards. All of our Neon products are made from the best materials and undergo strict quality controls. This is how we ensure you get long-lasting, bright neon lighting that impresses. Our customer service is always available to provide you with advice and assistance and will ensure that you are completely satisfied.

Current trends and projects

Don't miss any more news! Here we inform you about the most innovative developments, the most creative designs and the most exciting projects in the area of ​​neon signs, neon lights and neon designs. Discover how TOM NEON is revolutionizing neon light technology and creating inspiring light art!


We are thrilled to welcome you to the vibrant and bright world of TOM NEON! Browse through our innovative neon products and find your personal lighting inspiration. TOM NEON stands for quality, creativity and passion in the world of neon lighting. Stay with us and shine into the future with us!

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