Positive effects of neon signs for companies and social media content

Positive Effekte von Neon Schildern für Unternehmen sowie Social Media Content - TOM NEON

Neon, especially neon signs in different designs such as fonts, symbols or images, have always been symbols of nightlife, urban and modern. They create atmosphere and attract attention. But what can you do for companies and social media content? Let's delve deeper into the radiant world of neon signs and shed light on their properties.

Historical Context: The Timeless Appeal of Neon

Neon lights have illuminated the streets of major cities around the world since their emergence in the 1900s. Their unique shine, combined with the ability to create individual neon fonts and neon images, made them the advertising medium of choice for many companies. This historical appeal has persisted to this day and now finds additional scope for application in the digital world of social media.

Neon Signs: Creating a Unique Brand Identity

A neon sign is more than just an illuminated advertising sign. It can be a powerful statement that embodies a company's brand identity. The individual neon font, paired with brand-specific colors and designs, tells customers at first glance what a company stands for.

A good example is the iconic neon font of classic diners and cinemas. They embody a retro aesthetic that transports the viewer to another time. It is precisely this effect that a company can use to anchor itself in the minds of customers.

A typical diner with red neon lighting

A shining attraction in a crowded business world

In a landscape dominated by billboards and digital screens, neon signs can help you stand out. They are not only visible during the day, but also shine at night, attracting customers around the clock.

One TOM NEON customer, a cafe owner, reported a significant increase in customer traffic after installing an eye-catching neon sign with a custom neon font. Even when the cafe was closed, the glowing sign attracted passers-by and made them curious to visit later.

Neon images for social media

In the era of Instagram, TikTok and Co., visual content is king. Neon images are perfect, shareable content. A unique neon sign or an artistic neon installation is often photographed and shared by visitors. This leads to increased visibility and free marketing for the company.

Imagine a trendy club or bar that features a wall with neon sayings and images. Guests would almost inevitably take photos in front of this wall and share them on their social media profiles. For companies, this means expanding their reach without additional advertising costs.

The psychology behind neon

Neon not only attracts attention through its brightness, but also evokes emotional reactions. The warm, vibrant appeal of neon can evoke feelings of nostalgia, excitement or even calming, depending on the color and design. This emotional connection can help customers stay in the store longer or have fond memories of it.

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient

Modern neon signs, especially those from TOM NEON, use LED technology, which uses less energy and is more durable than traditional neon tubes. This is not only good for the environment, but also for the company's wallet.


Neon signs are much more than just lighting. They are a powerful marketing tool that helps companies stand out in a crowded landscape and create an emotional connection with their customers. At the same time, they are a key to viral social media content that increases brand visibility.

TOM NEON understands the art and science behind neon and is ready to help businesses harness the radiant magic of neon signs, neon fonts and neon images. Let your brand shine with us!

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