“Welcome” glass neon box


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Size: 38cm x 19cm x 11cm
Color: White


Neon Box “Welcome”: A bright welcome for your home!

Welcome to a world of style and light! With our Neon Box "Welcome" you can offer every guest in your home a bright welcome. This neon design in white or pink glass tube not only exudes warmth but also a touch of retro charm.

Encased in a glossy acrylic box, the sign is easy to assemble and place anywhere you want to make a statement. The reflective backing reflects the neon light and enhances its radiant presence, while the handcrafted finish by our skilled craftsmen ensures that each neon sign is truly unique.

Ecological and economical at the same time, the sign only uses as much energy as a conventional household lamp. And thanks to its robust construction, it will give you years of enjoyment!

  • Warm Welcome : Choose between white or pink neon lights for the perfect welcome.
  • Vintage Flair : A playful retro touch for modern living spaces.
  • Quality craftsmanship : Handcrafted and each piece unique.
  • Energy friendly : Consumes only 12 – 24W, just like a standard lamp.
  • Durability : A piece that will stand the test of time.

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