“Vibes” glass neon box


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Size: 38cm x 19cm x 11cm
Color: Blue


Neon Box 'Vibes' – Immerse yourself in the blue glow

The Neon Box "Vibes" by TOM NEON is a deep dive into the world of moods and feelings, captured in a hypnotizing blue that reflects the coolness of the night and the calm of the ocean. This light creation is a tribute to the powerful vibrations of life that resonate within each of us, now given a visual voice through this artistic light installation.

Encased in a clear, glossy acrylic box, the word "VIBES" shines in curved neon letters, sculpted with precision to create an aesthetic that is as relaxing as it is stimulating. The Neon Box becomes a central anchor point that not only illuminates rooms, but also transforms the atmosphere within them.

Crafted with the utmost care by craftsmen, each box reflects the uniqueness of its owner. The energy-saving technology guarantees that the "Vibes" remain a sustainable source of inspiration with their low energy consumption of 12 to 24 watts.

Make a statement with this neon box that is more than just a light source - it is a mood carrier that fills any room with an aura of serenity and stylish reflection.

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