"Planet" glass stand-neon


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Size: 31cm x 24cm x 9cm


Stand-neon “Planet” made of concrete and glass – a cosmic lighting experience

The standing neon "Planet" from TOM NEON takes you on a journey through the universe. This handmade table lamp made of real glass neon in the colors blue, yellow, red and white stands on a robust concrete base. It offers fun and unique lighting that captures the timeless retro neon glow, enveloping any room in an otherworldly atmosphere.


  • Colors: Deep blue, bright yellow, passionate red and pure white
  • Design: Stylish and safe concrete base
  • Manufacturing: Each piece is unique, handmade by experienced craftsmen
  • Energy efficiency: 12 – 24W, as cost-effective as a normal household lamp
  • Safety: Stays cool, ideal for any environment
  • Longevity: Designed to shine for many years


  • Versatility: Allows for different designs thanks to interchangeable connections
  • Uniqueness: An ideal gift and an impressive decorative element
  • Inspirational: Perfect for creating an atmosphere of curiosity and wonder

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