“OMG Pop” Glass Neon Box


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Size: 35cm x 35cm x 11cm


Neon Box “OMG” – A glowing exclamation mark of amazement

Capture the essence of pure surprise and enthusiastic exclamations with the Neon Box "OMG Pop" from TOM NEON. Bursting with energy, this design is a visual explosion that will captivate every eye. The bold red and blue tones create a dynamic atmosphere that attracts immediate attention in any room.

Amid a backdrop reminiscent of bubbly pop art graphics, the letters "OMG Pop" come to life in neon blue outlines with a vibrant border of bright red. The precisely shaped neon tubes not only form the words, but also give the box a depth and dimensionality that captivates the viewer.

Each of these neon boxes is encased in a high-quality acrylic box that not only provides stability but also spectacularly reflects the bold neon light. The energy-efficient and durable construction ensures that this living work of art will last you through the years, remaining just as vibrant as the first day.

The "OMG Pop" Neon Box is a statement piece that transforms any room into a stage with its eye-catching design and bright presence. A true conversation piece that has the power to transform any environment into a place of wonder and excitement.

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