"Donald & Daisy" Kiss - Colorful Neon Sign | Love & tenderness


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Size: 60cm

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Neon sign "Donald & Daisy" - colorful love in the sign of tenderness

Discover playful romance with the "Donald & Daisy" neon sign from TOM NEON. This adorable piece of art brings to life the sweet scene where little Donald gives little Daisy a loving kiss on the cheek. Daisy's embarrassed reaction, captured in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, tells a story of innocent love and affection that warms hearts.

Playful and lively, a splash of color of love: With its colorful charisma and lovingly designed figures, this neon sign becomes a shining centerpiece that brings joy and color to every room. It is a tribute to the sweet moments of being together, perfect for creating an atmosphere full of love and happiness.

Durable and Charming Crafted on a sturdy acrylic panel, this sign promises easy installation and lasting luminosity. It is a radiant symbol of love that delights with its joy of color and the charming moment between Donald and Daisy.

A bright symbol of tenderness The "Donald & Daisy" neon sign is more than just a decoration; it is a celebratory depiction of love in its most tender moments, a colorful legacy that captures the essence of true affection.

    Easy construction

    1. Attach power strips

    2. Attach neon sign

    3. Switch on & enjoy

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