"Banana" glass stand-neon


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Size: 37cm x 17cm x 9cm


Let the retro charm flow into your space with our handcrafted stand neon " Banana ". This luminous work of art illuminates the darkness with a refreshing yellow and white, creating an atmosphere that is both unique and timeless.

  • Fruity glow effect : Available in a bright yellow combined with white that brings the retro neon glow to perfection.
  • Versatile design : With the easily replaceable connection, you can try out different neon designs and always give your room a new character.
  • Unique handcraft : Each "Banana" is individually crafted by expert craftsmen, making each piece unique.
  • Stable and modern : The heavy and secure concrete base not only stabilizes, but also gives the lamp a trendy, modern touch.
  • Energy-saving : Despite its brilliant illumination, our neon light only consumes 12 - 24W and is therefore just as cost-efficient as a conventional lamp.
  • User-friendly : The neon stays cool no matter how long it stays on, providing added safety.
  • Robust durability : This neon light will delight you with its unique charisma for many years.

Whether for your home or as a special gift, our "Banana" neon stand with concrete base brings joy and style to any room.

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