Mobile neon

Operation via USB & power bank

Discover “ Mobile Neon ” – the revolutionary mobile neon lighting that transforms your event into a glowing spectacle anywhere, anytime. "Mobile Neon" is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to enjoy the dynamic appeal of neon signs without the restrictions of a fixed location. Whether for weddings, birthdays, company events or any other celebration - with "Mobile Neon" you can create a radiant highlight wherever you want it.

Easy to use: Using "Mobile Neon" couldn't be easier. All you need is a power bank as a power source to make your neon sign shine. Thanks to the practical USB port, "Mobile Neon" can be connected to the power bank in no time, so you can conjure up an impressive light decoration within seconds.

Perfect for any event: "Mobile Neon" is designed to be easily transported and used anywhere. Whether outdoors, in a festively decorated hall or as atmospheric background lighting - "Mobile Neon" adapts perfectly to your event and creates an incomparable atmosphere.

Tailor-made design: At “Mobile Neon” your wishes come first. You have the opportunity to customize your mobile neon sign to perfectly match the theme of your event. Whether it's names, initials, loving messages or specific designs - just tell us your ideas and we'll transform them into a radiant neon work of art.

Easy Installation: Installing your Mobile Neon sign is incredibly straightforward. Thanks to its lightweight design and flexible mounting options, you can place your neon sign anywhere you want. This means you can find the perfect location for your neon lighting without much effort or technical know-how.

With "Mobile Neon" you have unlimited possibilities to take your events and special occasions to a new level. It is not only an innovative lighting element, but also an expressive eye-catcher that creates memories that will be remembered for a long time.

Take the next step and make your event shine with “Mobile Neon”. Contact us today to learn more about our mobile neon solutions and how we can help you transform your event into an unforgettable lighting experience. With "Mobile Neon" it is easier than ever to set vibrant accents that delight and inspire.