Dream Neon

Lively, flowing, animated color effects possible via music & app control

Showcase your business, home or event with “ Dream Neon ” – the ultimate tool for custom neon signs that go far beyond the ordinary. "Dream Neon" represents innovation and personalization in the world of lighting by allowing you to create signs with stunning, flowing and vibrant neon color effects that are guaranteed to attract attention.

Unique Neon Signs: "Dream Neon" stands out for its ability to create custom neon signs that are perfectly tailored to your wants and needs. Whether for your business to create a distinctive brand or for your home to add a personal touch, our signs are as unique as you.

Impressive color effects: The real magic of "Dream Neon" lies in its animated color effects. By using advanced technology, our neon signs can be designed with flowing, dynamic color transitions that captivate every viewer. From gentle waves to energetic jumps - the possibilities are limitless.

Control via app and music: "Dream Neon" goes one step further and offers intuitive control via app, allowing you to personalize the lighting effects of your signs from the comfort of your smartphone. Even more impressive is the option to have your neon signs synced to music. Watch your signs come to life to the beat of your favorite songs, creating an atmosphere like no other.

Versatile and Customizable: Whether you need an eye-catching billboard for your business, atmospheric lighting for your bar or an unforgettable decorative element for your next event - "Dream Neon" is the answer. Our neon signs are not only a visual highlight, but also a statement that expresses individuality and creativity.

With “Dream Neon” you rely on innovation, aesthetics and the latest technology in neon lighting. Discover the unlimited possibilities to liven up your spaces and contact us to design your customized neon sign. Let “Dream Neon” bathe your world in a new light – vibrant, colorful and absolutely unique.