360 Neon

For free use and decoration

Discover the future of individual lighting with “360 Neon” – your creative solution for unique lighting installations that leave nothing to be desired. 360 Neon is about transforming your spaces and objects with an innovative, round neon tube that offers flexibility and unparalleled design in one.

Unique design options: The round neon tube from 360 Neon opens the door to a world full of creative possibilities. Unlike traditional neon signs that are limited to fixed shapes and structures, 360 Neon gives you the freedom to fully realize your vision. Whether curved lines, dynamic waves or complex patterns - with 360 Neon you can set accents that will be remembered.

The Dream Neon Effect: The real highlight of 360 Neon is the adjustable Dream Neon effect. This advanced technology allows you to create impressive lighting effects that immerse your surroundings in a breathtaking play of colors. From gentle gliding to lively flashing sequences - with the Dream Neon effect you can give any room an extraordinary atmosphere that both fascinates and inspires.

Versatile Applications: 360 Neon is ideal for a variety of applications. Whether as a stylish lighting element in your living or business area, as a creative accent in bars and restaurants or as an impressive installation at events and exhibitions - 360 Neon sets new standards in lighting design.

Note: Please note that 360 Neon cannot be used to make neon signs. Instead, our product focuses on creating unique lighting experiences that go beyond the boundaries of traditional signs.

Unleash your creativity and transform any room into a luminous masterpiece with 360 Neon. Contact us today to learn more about the endless design possibilities with 360 Neon and how we can bring your custom lighting visions to life. Experience lighting in a new way – with 360 neon.